Optimize your website before using a caching plugin

Many posts are written about just one thing: speeding up WordPress. Some of them very useful, many of them very obvious, telling the same story in different words. Probably 95% of the posts I’ve read, contain more or less the same advices, so most of them are definitely useful. Best practices, as they are called. … Read more

How to choose the right WordPress theme?

With so many themes available, free and paid, it is not easy to pick the right one. There are many to choose from, and most developers claim to offer the best, fastest, safest, most useful and most user-friendly theme. Because of the loads of themes to choose from, it is essential to know what you … Read more

How to speed up a WordPress website?!

A challenge for every WordPress website owner: making (and keeping!) the website fast. WordPress in itself isn’t slow. Mostly the theme, plugins and the content like images will cause performance issues. Why faster? A fast loading website, will be ranked higher. Your visitors don’t want to wait ten seconds to load a page. They go … Read more