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You want to share your posts, otherwise you wouldn’t write them. Of course you start sharing them yourself. And you want your visitors to be able to share your posts with ease.

Easy Social Share does exactly that. It’s an extensive plugin, with many options en nice features. And, also very important, it won’t slow down the website.

Sharing is caring…

You can see it often, below a post you’ve been reading: Sharing is caring. By sharing the post, you can give it more attention on social media, thus giving the author more interested readers and more traffic. The author won’t mind! I hope you will share this post too!

It’s a myth to think that installing a social share plugin means your posts will be shared a lot more. Why? Because you need:

  1. Visitors
  2. Visitors that like the post enough to want them to share it
  3. People clicking on the shared link

To make it easy to share your content will definitely help.

The options

Easy Social Share comes with a ton of options. Too much to even try to mention them all here. Some important options are:

  • Quick setup wizard
  • Over 35 social networks supported
  • Customization of button position, post type and device
  • Click-to-tweet
  • Easy customizable
  • On media sharing
  • Social metrics and click log & analytics
  • 22 button templates


Social sharing plugins often add considerable loading time to a page. That’s one of the reasons I took my time to find a plugin that doesn’t. Easy Social Share has its own caching mechanism and various other options to make sure it won’t add extra page load time.


A very nice option was recently added to Easy Social Share: Click-to-tweet. With this option you can make a quote anywhere in a post tweetable. A click-to-tweet-button is added to the visual editor of WordPress. This way you can attract more Twitter followers to your post! You can try it right here!

[easy-tweet tweet=”Tweeted with the click-to-tweet option of the plugin Easy Social Share” user=”RonaldHeynes” hashtags=”WordPress”]

More info and download

Easy Social Share Buttons (free version)

Easy Social Share Buttons (paid version)

Ronald Heijnes
Ronald Heijnes

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