Top 10 reason to have a privacy policy page for your WordPress website

With advancement in technology and awareness among people, more and more users are being cautious when it comes to securing their private data online. Keeping this in mind, it has become seemingly essential to provide such a website for users that are appropriate in terms of everything.

In such a situation, having a privacy policy published on the website does the trick. This one page can save you from innumerable hassles that may occur in the future, including legal ones. Furthermore, if you have a WordPress website, generating this page would be way too easier, thanks to WordPress privacy policy plugin.

However, although there is an abundance of website owners out there, not everyone is aware of the importance that a privacy policy page holds. So, here are some of the best reasons that would prepare you to get a privacy policy page published on your website.

It Helps Establishing Trust:

privacy policy page

It’s quite obvious that a majority of people don’t generally read each and every word written in the privacy policy. However, even if they just have a glance at it, it generates a belief in their subconscious mind that your brand is trustworthy.

Therefore, it is a considerable way of building trust. If you are a newbie in the market, it becomes even more necessary for you to have a privacy policy published on your website. Furthermore, a majority of elite brands have even published privacy safe trust seals on their websites.

Such digital images help visitors get an idea that your website has updated policy. Accordingly, these images have taken as a symbol of trust between online visitors and online businesses.

Provides Peace of Mind to Visitors:

Another significant reason to have a privacy policy on your website is that it effectively puts your customers’ minds at peace. Whoever is going to stumble upon your website, if he/she is aware of online laws and threats, would definitely look out for a privacy policy page before making the transaction.

Once you have put up a brief explanation on how you are going to use your visitors’ Personally Identifiable Information (PII), they wouldn’t remain in doubt or a dilemma whether or not to take up your products or services.

Furthermore, with this policy in sight, they’ll spend more time on your website and most likely, will also recommend to their friends and family, too. And for you, all it would take is a WordPress privacy policy plugin installation to create this page. Easy enough, isn’t it?

The Law requires it:

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In a way, it has become mandatory in most of the countries to display this policy on the website. Considering how the internet law is making people aware of what’s right and what’s wrong, the audience has even got the correct education on how to find buggy websites amidst several of them.

With a privacy policy page, the government demands a brief explanation for how you are going to use the personal data of your customers and visitors if your website is collecting it. Unless you aren’t giving them proper information, it would be difficult to gain their trust.

It Can Help You Save Money:

As per in words of Benjamin Franklin – “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Undoubtedly, you would have entered business just so you could earn, isn’t it? Therefore, you shouldn’t be squandering it by getting slammed with heavy fines just because you couldn’t comply with the rules.

Yes, you read that right. Back in the days, even Google had to pay a massive amount in fine only because its privacy policy failed to mention how the company is going to use customers’ data. You surely wouldn’t want that to happen with you, right? Therefore, in a way, it would even help you save money.

The requirement of Third-Party:

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Surviving in the cut-throat competitive world of online business isn’t an easy thing. At some point in time, you would surely require third-party services. In case you are taking up such services to make your website better, such as Google Analytics or Google AdWords, you must have a privacy policy, comprising information of how you’ll be using their services, plugins, and more.

Not just Google, but several other sites would require your privacy policy. For instance: If you are going to use the lead generation card feature of Twitter, you would have to include a direct link to the privacy policy in the card.

It Can Help You Make More Money:

Now that you are well-versed with the fact that having a privacy policy can redirect visitors to your website for good, wouldn’t it be amazing to know that this activity can even enhance your conversion rate?

Very well, true. With your website being in the safe zone, more and more people will discover about your brand. And, if you are selling something online, the establish trust can compel people to buy more from your site, resulting in more revenue for you.

Users Want Their Information to be Private:

In today’s digital world, people take their privacy very seriously, especially when it is about sharing confidential information online. Whether they are providing their phone number or an email ID, they would want to feel protected and secure.

In such a scenario, you can use a privacy policy to assure your customers that they wouldn’t regret trusting you for once. Not just that, but it is also a way of guaranteeing them that you are going to use their personal information in a right way.

And hence, with the confidence coming from your end, you’d be able to make your customers feel more comfortable as well as informed. Also, they wouldn’t have to think twice before entering their information for you.

It is Universal:

Most of the times, people think if they aren’t collecting data, they wouldn’t need a privacy policy. That’s where you go wrong. Even if your website isn’t gathering information from visitors, you should be putting up the policy, still.

Even if it is all about notifying users that you aren’t collecting information. Have a look at this extremely creative privacy policy:

The above-mentioned privacy policy comes from Ecquire, and they have, very proudly, called it the World’s Greatest Privacy Policy. It is sweet, quirky, short, and tells everything that is necessary for a visitor to know.

Prevents your Website from Being Suspended:

In the worst-case scenario, not having a proper privacy policy can even lead to suspension of your website. Since the internet laws are getting stricter with each passing day, stern eyes would be scrutinising each aspect of your website.

As a result, not having a privacy policy updated can really bring your website under the radar.

It can Affect SEO:

privacy policy page

The ultimate goal of every website owner is to rank the site as higher as possible, isn’t it? You surely would have executed several tricks and techniques to do so. Or, if you’ve gone a step forward, you may even have hired an SEO pro.

However, if you don’t have a proper privacy policy on the site, it might affect your SEO ranking to a great extent. Google crawls to every page and checks it profoundly. And, since the search engine has already made the importance of privacy policy clear, not having this document may push your SEO efforts and money in vain.


Now that you know the important, you should also be wary of the fact that privacy policy isn’t only about slamming a few sentences together and publishing it on the website. It is one such legal document that should take every shade of internet law into account. Messing up once may get you badly sued.

Does it sound like a headache? If yes, you can make it quite simple by using WordPress privacy plugin. With several pre-created editable templates, generating privacy policy would be easier. So, if you haven’t had one yet, install the plugin, generate one, publish it, and make your site secured.

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