Top 10 reason to have a privacy policy page for your WordPress website

privacy policy page

With advancement in technology and awareness among people, more and more users are being cautious when it comes to securing their private data online. Keeping this in mind, it has become seemingly essential to provide such a website for users that are appropriate in terms of everything. In such a situation, having a privacy policy … Read more

All things to consider when starting a WordPress website

You’ve decided you want a website and you want it built with WordPress. Of course you want it with WordPress, because everybody tells you it’s the best option. The fact that 31% of the mainstream websites is built with WordPress says something about its advantages. It’s easy and it’s free! You can download and install … Read more

One year World of WordPress

A little over a one year ago, World of WordPress went live. A good moment to look back at what happened and tell a little about the future of World of WordPress. Because World of WordPress is already quite successful and will continue to grow. Some great new features will be offered in the next … Read more

My first year of blogging about WordPress

Exactly one year ago I started blogging about WordPress. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2008, maintaining several sites and starting a few interesting projects. I’d say, enough experience to share with anyone how is interested. This is how my first year went! Why I started blogging about WordPress I started my first WordPress project … Read more

Optimize your website before using a caching plugin

Many posts are written about just one thing: speeding up WordPress. Some of them very useful, many of them very obvious, telling the same story in different words. Probably 95% of the posts I’ve read, contain more or less the same advices, so most of them are definitely useful. Best practices, as they are called. … Read more

18 major checkpoints for a healthy WordPress website

Before you launch your website, you want your new website to look and work perfectly. You really want to give your visitors the best experience and want them to return too. Never a second chance for a first impression… To make sure you covered all the bases, I have created a shortlist of important things … Read more