How to protect your WordPress website with WPBruiser

This article would probably not have been written, if it wasn’t for the major attacks on World of WordPress the minute I moved to another membership plugin. Never before I got better proof that security is a major issue. The dangers Any WordPress website with a possibility for users to register and login can and … Read more

How to Add a Coming Soon Page or Put your Website in Maintenance Mode

Sometimes you have to work on your website, but you don’t want your visitors to visit a website that might be broken. Or you are still working on your new website, and preparing for going live. How do you let your visitors know your website is under maintenance or under construction? Maintenance or Under Construction? … Read more

Top 10 reason to have a privacy policy page for your WordPress website

privacy policy page

With advancement in technology and awareness among people, more and more users are being cautious when it comes to securing their private data online. Keeping this in mind, it has become seemingly essential to provide such a website for users that are appropriate in terms of everything. In such a situation, having a privacy policy … Read more

Easy management of multiple WordPress websites with ManageWP

Do you manage multiple WordPress installs? And do you manage all of them one by one from each dashboard? Updating plugins, themes, WordPress core and so on? Even though I manage only five websites, I still found it hard to keep up with all updates, performance- and security checks and other managing stuff. Purely by … Read more

Speed up your website with ShortPixel image optimization [Review]

Did you know images can slow down your website dramatically? Because the dimensions are wrong, or the files are too big. That is why you must always use the right image dimensions on the right places on your website. Image dimensions you can set yourself. With every image editing program you can adjust height and … Read more

How to engage visitors with the plugin Icegram

How do you engage the people that visit your website? How do you collect their email addresses for your newsletter? How do you get your offer noticed? You can put a few widgets in the sidebar, sit back and wait. There are more, and better, ways to grab the attention of your visitors. With pop-ups, … Read more