About me

modemA short introduction: my name is Ronald Heynes, born in 1965. In daily life I am an application manager and data manager at a municipal organization. I have been doing this since 1996 and that experience helped me find my way quickly through WordPress.

My first experience with the Internet was back in 1992. Yes, with a 14K4 modem and on DOS. It was amazing to be able to see the agenda of a council meeting of any US municipality on your own computer in the Netherlands! Nowadays almost everything is possible on the internet.

In 2006 I needed to manage a website by myself. Back then I was editing HTML with Dreamweaver. I soon found out that there were content management systems available to enable the management and maintenance of a web site faster, easier and better. I started out with CMS Made Simple. After having made several websites with CMS Made Simple, I went looking for a CMS that could meet more of my wishes on manageability.

In addition to managing several websites for others, I have also had several personal projects. Nowadays I still manage a few websites for others and I share on this website all about my experience with WordPress themes, plugins, maintenance and hacks. Just because I like it and hopefully to be able to help others!

I am not a developer, but  I sometimes change or move a piece of code make it work just a little bit better. I also make use of code snippets, when it is a good alternative to a plugin. Furthermore, of course the necessary plugins and themes. Most plugins and themes are free and open source, but I use sometimes paid themes and plugins. But only if the free version is not good enough or there is no other alternative!

What can you expect in particular at this website:

  • Experiences with plugins and settings
  • Experiences with themes and settings
  • Tips, advice and experience on performance
  • Advice on management and maintenance of a WordPress website
  • Anything interesting that comes along and is related to WordPress!