How to protect your WordPress website with WPBruiser

This article would probably not have been written, if it wasn’t for the major attacks on World of WordPress the minute I moved to another membership plugin. Never before I got better proof that security is a major issue. The dangers Any WordPress website with a possibility for users to register and login can and … Read more

How to Add a Coming Soon Page or Put your Website in Maintenance Mode

Sometimes you have to work on your website, but you don’t want your visitors to visit a website that might be broken. Or you are still working on your new website, and preparing for going live. How do you let your visitors know your website is under maintenance or under construction? Maintenance or Under Construction? … Read more

How to stop bad bots from visiting your website?

Recently I noticed in Google Analytics a lot of referral to the page that doesn’t exist on my website. Visiting the page gives a 404 error. Diving deeper into Google Analytics learned me it was all referral spam from a website called After searching on the Internet I found out it definitely was … Read more

Top 10 reason to have a privacy policy page for your WordPress website

privacy policy page

With advancement in technology and awareness among people, more and more users are being cautious when it comes to securing their private data online. Keeping this in mind, it has become seemingly essential to provide such a website for users that are appropriate in terms of everything. In such a situation, having a privacy policy … Read more

All things to consider when starting a WordPress website

You’ve decided you want a website and you want it built with WordPress. Of course you want it with WordPress, because everybody tells you it’s the best option. The fact that 31% of the mainstream websites is built with WordPress says something about its advantages. It’s easy and it’s free! You can download and install … Read more